Drums / Clarinet / Percussion / Synthesizer Programming / Live Performing / Composer / Producer / Workshops.

Andrea Marcelli: born in Rome.  

During his career he performed in USA, Japan, India, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, France, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Holland, Malta, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic and others. 

More than 200 of his compositions have been recorded in CD. Two of his compositions have been included on both the “European Real Book” and “The Digital Real Book part 2” by

Graduated in 1986 from the L. Refice Conservatory in Frosinone (Rome) in Classical Clarinet (7 years), Jazz Composition and Arrangement (4 years). He also attended clinics with Tommy Campbell, Peter Erskine and others.

Worked as featured drummer playing shows for RAI Television 1982-1988, 

also with the St.Louis Big Band directed by Bruno Biriaco 1982-86, including Live TV Shows, occasionally with Baldo Maestri and Paolo Fresu: “Unicef” in Sicily, “Il Nastro D’Argento" and "Domenica In" 82,83,84 with Pippo Baudo. Among other TV shows that Marcelli performed in the '80s are: Tandem, DOC, Blitz, Orecchiocchio with Fabio Fazio,"La Musica c'e`, Il Piacere dell‘Estate, Vediamoci sul 2, Cartoni Magici and other shows.

Andrea, between ’84 -’96 composed and recorded 7 CDs of Library music for Films, TV and Radio for Primrose Music, Flippermusic and Fonit Cetra broadcasted world-wide.

Andrea moved to USA in 1989 keeping a very busy musical activity, spending 8 years in Los Angeles and 4 in New York, quickly gaining a Special Green Card Visa as a “First preference Alien wth Extraordinary abilities in the Field of Jazz” .

Marcelli is resident in Berlin since 2001, married with three sons. Since four decades, he is leading a very active and multi-creative musical life.

During his residence in Los Angeles (1989-97) his collaborations includes: Wayne Shorter, Don Menza, Allan Holdsworth, Mitchel Forman, Bob Berg, Alan Pasqua, Harold Land, Doug Webb, Sid Jacobs, John Beasley, Eric Marienthal, Frank Gambale, Bob Sheppard, Steve Tavaglione, Dave Carpenter, Sam Most, Benny Maupin, Kyle Eastwood, Alphonso Johnson, Jimmy Earl, John Leftwich, John Patitucci, Kei Akagi, Mike Garson, Bill Cunliffe, Jon Hassell,

Gary Willis, Jimmy Johnson, Brian Bromberg, Ralph Towner, Andy Summers, L.Subramaniam, Dado Moroni, Alex Acuna, Chuck Loeb and many others.

With the Brazilian music scene in LA: Guilherme Vergueiro Combos and Big band, Teco Cardoso, Carolina dos Santos Shorter, Jose Marino, Cassio Duarte, Moacir Santos, Laudir De Oliveira and others.

During his residence in New York (1997-2001): David Liebman, Adam Kolker, Rez Abbasi, Tony Malaby, Roberta Piket, Russ Lossing, Harvie S.(Swartz), Rick Margitza, Billy Drewes, Mark Egan, Cameron Brown, Scott Lee, Jeff Andrews, Steve La Spina, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Eddie Gomez, George Garzone, Mike Mainieri, Marc Johnson, Fabrizio Sotti, Frank Colon and others.

During the period in Berlin 2001 – present: Ekkehard Wölk, Markus Stockhausen, Alex von Schlippenbach, Sirone, Giorgio Crobu, Eberhard Weber, Tino Derado, Benedikt Jahnel, Tobias Relenberg, Peter Ehwald, Uli Kempendorff, Simon Stockhausen, Robin Draganic, Dirk Engelhardt, Antonio Zambrini, Michael Manring, Hiram Bullock, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Alexey Chizhik, Andrei Kondakov and many others.

In Scandinavia: Bendik Hofseth, Thomas Clausen, Paolo Russo, Morten Halle, Eyolf Dale, Jesper Lundgaard, Bo Stief, Bjarne Roupe, Palle Danielsson, Arild Andersen, Olof Lövmo and others.

Andrea recorded in USA two acclaimed CDs for legendary Major Jazz Label VERVE with his original compositions:
“Silent Will”  (Verve/PolyGram and Polydor K.K.1989/90) and “Oneness”(Verve/Polydor K.K. and Lipstick Rec.1992/94)
Top 10 Jazz CDs of 1991 (#8) for Tower Records’ PULSE   
Top 20 Jazz/Fusion New Released sales,  Ad Lib Japan 
Among the Top Jazz Picks of 1991 for Jazziz Magazine
Guitar World Critic’s Choise new releases 4/1992.

He has produced Chema Vilchez‘s debut CD “El sueno del navegante” best Jazz CD of 1996 at Radio 1 Spain and “La Naturaleza Sagrata de la Vida”.
He has performed (1994) drums and synth programmings on the film “Mississippi Masala” Columbia Tristar for L.Subramaniama with Andy Summers, Freddie Ravel and Emil Richards.

Partecipated in 2002 on the award winning film “Good Bye Lenin” X Films with Antonello Marafioti.

Collaborated with the Rytmiskkonservatorium of Copenhagen recording and producing 1999/2004 several projects, including Paolo Russo/Bo Stief “Alchemy” top best 5 Jazz CD of 2004 in Denmark.

Marcelli`s music credits include among others: Istituto Italiano di Cultura of Berlin, New Delhi, München. Stuttgart, Paris, Lille, Frankfurt, Wolfsburg, Cologne, Hamburg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Moscov, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tokyo, Kyoto, Tunisi, Beirut, Luxembourg, The Foreign Minister of Germany, The Minister of Foreign Affair of Germany, Berlin Senate, The Goethe Institute, The Jazz Services England, The Danish Jazz Federation, JazzKaar Estonia, Finnish Jazz Federation, Italian Embassy in Sweden, India and Estonia, Italian Konsulat Dortmund, Kolkata, Mumbai, Danish Embassy in Berlin and Tokyo, English Embassy in Berlin, USA Embassy in Berlin, Los Angeles County, Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Sibelius Music School in Helsinki, Osaka Tennoji School and Lingnan University Hong Kong, Kultuuriakadeemia in Vijandi Estonia among others.

In 2002 won two awards at the Berlin Jazz and Blues Awards.

Andrea has been invited to play in Japan 2005, 06, 08, 09, 12.

During 2004 Marcelli was invited again in New York to record his third CD “Beyond the Blue” released in 2005 USA and Canada by Art of Life Records, in Japan by 55 Records and in Europe by BHM Music with Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Mitchel Forman, Eddie Gomez.

Andrea has over 200 of his compositions recorded in CDs and broadcasted world-wide. His credits include:
RAI TV and Radio, BBC England, PBS Usa, Fox Sport Usa and Mexico, ABC Usa and Mexico, Financial Report 5 Australia, CBC Canada, TV5 Canada, RBB Radio Kultur, MDR TV, Deutsche Radio Kultur, WDR TV, Bayerische Rundfunk Radio, BMW, Mercedes,Volkswagen, Deutsche Sparkasse, Hyatt Hotel, Vivaldi Hotel, Gallerie Lafayette and many many others.

In 2008 Andrea recorded his fourth CD “Sundance” released  in Japan by 55Records, in trio with Thomas Clausen and Davide Petrocca. 

Sundance was released in 2012 by Storyville record (rest of the world).

In 2009 he performed in Japan, India, Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, England among others.
In 2010-11 he performed in India, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, France, England, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Tunisia, Sweden, Lebanon, Finland and Russia among others.

In 2012-13 Marcelli played in Japan, USA, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Holland, among others.

In 2014-15 Marcelli played in Hong Kong, Cina, Canada, USA, Brazil, Malta, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Germany, Finland and others

In 2015 was released the new album STORIES with ESC Medien featuring: Frank Pilato, Mitchel Forman, Gary Willis, Jeff Berlin.

2016 Tours in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Poland, Italy and Germany. Performed at JazzAhead with Kirk MacDonald Quartet for the Canadian Blast (Canadian Embassy).

2017 Tours in Indonesia and Hong Kong for the Italian Cultural Institute. In Portugal for Jazz’aqui, concert in Oslo/Norway at the with Wölk trio for the Goethe Institute. Tour in Romania with Sorin Zlat and Woody Witt, also in Sweden with Olof Lövmo trio, Italy, Germany and at the Mariinsky St.Petersburg/Russia and other concerts in Russia.

Following activities with the project by Ekkehard Wölk “Another Kind of Faith” , documentary on “ARTE” Television in der Program Luthers Lieder; concerts: Church Gedächtniskirche / Berlin; Kulturkirche Jakob Oslo/Norway, mit Goethe- Institut , Live Recording at the JESUS- CHRISTUS KIRCHE DAHLEM, for DEUTSCHLANDRADIO KULTUR, Prag/Czech Republich, Kuppelsaal der Deutschen Botschaft in Prag, “Thüringer Jazzmeile” Weimar.

First Sardinian Jazz Festival in Berlin with Giorgio Crobu/DePaola and guest Antonello Salis.

2018 Six weeks tour in Hong Kong as the first “Musician in residence” for the Lingnan University, also very busy performing in other Universities and Jazz Clubs of HK. Marcelli’s album “The Invisible Child” was released for “Da Vinci Jazz”. Various Tours in Italy and Germany also in Prague/Czech Republic with Strauss/Kucera and at the Zeughaus Kino with Wölk/Becker. Recorded Arik Strauss album “Closing the Circle”.

2019 Tour in St. Petersburg/Russia with Ekkehard Wölk for the Goethe Institut, concert in Oslo/Norway with Morten Halle and in Bucharest/Romania at the MNAR Auditorium with Mocata/Scaglia both for the Italian Cultural Institute, and at the Zeughaus Kino with Wölk/Becker. He recorded Ekkehard Wölk album “Pictures in Sounds“, Ulla Haesen album “Prendila cosi” and Martina Gebhardt album “Coming home for Winter” as drummer/percussion.

2020 Marcelli was recipient of “Musikfonds e.V. Grant” for his Avant-gard solo digital recording in Berlin. All his international and most of local concerts were canceled because of the virus, he had local jazz activities in Berlin with restrictions including a concert with AriknStrauss for the Embassy of Israel. He also organized the 7th EUNIC Jazz Festival at Schlot and record Joe Kucera new album “Take a Heart”. He performed at the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin.

In 2021/22 he was recipient of the GVL Grant programme as part of “NEUSTART KULTUR” for his new album recording “Phantom CityAbstract Percussionism released in 2023.

Marcelli because of the pandemie, could not perform internationally but continued in Berlin and Germany with many restrictions, also at the UFA Filmnächte Kolonnadenhof and the Zeughaus Kino with Wölk/Becker, performed Metropolis Silent Film with Trioglycerin, recorded Christophe Bourdoiseau new album, toured with the Mauer Blues Five and Spandauer Gitarrenfest with Giorgio Crobu trio.

2023 Recorded with Ekkehard Wölk and Kristoff Becker the soundtrack of the Film Documentary by Ehsan Khoshbakht “Celluloid Underground”.

Collaboration with Norwegian Royal Academy of Music and the Italian Cultural Institute of Oslo with Morten Halle and Eyolf Dale. Performed at the Babylon Cinema with Ekkehard Wölk trio and at the Deutsches Theater “Göttinger Stummfilmfestival” the Film NOSFERATU with Trioglyzerin. Toured with the Mauer Blues Five and Joe Kucera.

Organized the 10th EUNIC My Unique Jazz Festival, “Jazz aus Europa” at the Kunstfabrik Schlot.

2024 Marcelli is available for booking



-Rytmiskkonservatorium of Copenhagen/DenmarkWorkshops, producing and recording
– Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo/Norway and The Italian Cultural Institute of Oslo

– Loyola University of New Orleans 

– New Orleans Don Jamison Heritage School of Music for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foudation 

  • Brown University Providence- University of Houston (UH)
  • UCLA Schönberg Hall  – For the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles
  • Arizona State University (ASU)
  • Houston Community College (HCC)
  • San Jacinto College North 
  • San Jacinto College South
  • Pasadena City College For the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles
  • Mc Neese University – Lake Charles
    – Sibelius Music School in Helsinki, Finland For the Italian Cultural Institute of Helsinki

– Osaka/Japan Tennoji School 
– Nagoya/Japan Free Hills Junior Orchestra- Kunitachi/Japan with Hanagumi Ensemble

– Kultuuriakadeemia in Vijandi, Estonia in Collaboration with Jazzkaar and the Embassy of Italy in Estonia

– Oskarshamn/Sweden Music School

– Musician Institute of Los Angeles – Concert with Eric Marienthal

– Maputo/Mozambique, Collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Mozambique
1- Escola de Musica e Arte ECA
2- Scuola Italo/Mozambicana
3- Ass. dos Musicos Mocambicanos

– Harare/Zimbabwe, International High School
Collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Zimbabwe

– University of Toronto /Canada- Mowhak College  in Hamilton/Canada

  • Lingnan University Hong Kong
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong
  • International School of Nanshan – Shenzhen in China