As a Leader

1989/91 Silent Will – Andrea Marcelli (Verve/PolyGram/Polydor K.K.) with: Wayne Shorter – sax, Allan Holdsworth – gtr & synthaxe, Bob Berg – sax, Mike Stern – gtr, Mitchel Forman – p, John Patitucci – b, Alex Acuna-per. Andrea Marcelli – cl, synth, drums, percussion, composer, arranger, prod

1992/95 Oneness– Andrea Marcelli (Verve/Polydor K.K. (Japan) and Lipstick Records) with: Ralph Towner.gtr – 12st, Allan Holdsworth – gtr, Mike Mainieri – vibes, Marc Johnson – b, Bendik – sax, Kei Akagi – p, Gary Thomas – sax, Jimmy Johnson – b, Gary Willis – b, Mitchel Forman – p, Chuck Loeb -gtr, Sidinho-perc, Laudir deOliveira -perc, Frank Colon-perc, Andrea Marcelli – cl, synth, drums, percussion, composer, arranger, prod

2004/8 Beyond the Blue – Andrea Marcelli (Art of Life Records-USA/Canada, 55Records/Japan, BHM Music/Europa) Mitchel Forman – p, Eddie Gomez – b, Bob Mintzer – sax, Mike Stern – gtr. Andrea Marcelli – cl, synth, drums, percussion, composer, arranger, producer         

2008/12 Sundance – A. Marcelli (55 Records/Japan – Storyville Records rest of the world – Art of Life Records/USA) Trio with Thomas Clausen – p, Davide Petrocca – b, Andrea Marcelli – drums, composer, producer   

2015 Stories – Esc Medien – Frank Pilato – gtr, prod, Mitchel Forman – p, Gary Willis – b, Jeff Berlin -b, Andrea Marcelli – cl, synth, drums, percussion, composer, arranger, producer

2018 The Invisible Child – Da Vinci Editions – Andrea Marcelli with Ekkehard Wölk – b, Fabrizio Mandolini – s, Bjarne Roupe – g, Paolo Russo – p, Billy Drewes – s, Ed Schuller – b, Serge Forte – p, Davide Petrocca, Kristoff Becker, Klavs Hovman, Dana Gooley, David Zinno, Ola Forsell a.o

2023 Abstract Percussionism Andrea Marcelli New ALBUM!Guest Bjarne Roupe`

Abstract Percussionism – Andrea Marcelli – PRCD 288 / Flipper srl / Review from the “ALLAN HOLDSWORTH ARCHIVES” by Per Stornes: …The album is highly personal and idiosyncratic, and really like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Andrea’s percussion tracks have traces of African and Brazilian inspiration, while his clarinet playing is melancholic and moody, with Klezmer and Middle Eastern connotations. The compositions are free flowing and feel like they’ve been built on improvisation. This is not a fusion album in the regular sense! It owes more to 70s ECM records. The music has a cinematic feel to it, which is also evident in titles like “Twilight Landscape”, one of my favorite tracks. Bjarne Roupe’s acoustic guitar hints at Ralph Towner in places, while his electric guitar hints at both Holdsworth and McLaughlin. But Bjarne is his own man.The album title is really quite descriptive. The music is percussionistic, and indeed rather abstract… But the drums are groovy! … ultimately it sounds like a very personal statement from Andrea.This album… It is indeed challenging listening at times. But Andrea does it with such personality, conviction and skill that the listener is ultimately rewarded. Have a listen!

Abstract Percussionism (Phantom City) | Andrea Marcelli (

Review by Marcello Contu on Jazz Fusion Club. La carriera di Marcelli prosegue negli anni, fino ad approdare ai giorni nostri ad un disco che appare come una autentica sfida nella quale Marcelli è compositore, produttore e soprattutto suona tutti gli strumenti. Nuovi orizzonti espressivi, volontà forsennata di sperimentare, scorgere nuove vie, captare seduzioni mai percorse, intuizioni pure e asistematiche, visioni vividissime: il lavoro di Marcelli rappresenta un capitolo totalmente nuovo ed inedito che mostra un artista mai disposto a cavalcare facili formule del passato, ma che invece mostra un musicista proiettato a scoprire nuove strade compositive ed esecutive: e forse questo è davvero il senso dell’arte.


2021-23 Andrea Marcelli is a recipient of the “GVL Grant programme” as part of “NEUSTART KULTUR” for his recording projectPhantom City“.

Following is a selected Music Library collection of pro-audio production music for film,radio, television and advertising. For further information please contact Andrea.

Andrea Marcelli: Producer, Composer, Arranger, and Performing: Drums, Clarinet, Percussion & all Keyboards programming

1987: Paris Dakkar – Andrea Marcelli (Flippermusic Srl) LP(DBN 0132)

1988: Nature is Life – Andrea Marcelli (Flippermusic /Primrose /Fonit Cetra) PRCD 026 Open air atmosphere-Ecology-Wild life-Rhythmical.

1989: Nuovo Repertorio Editoriale – Andrea Marcelli Novita` RAI (Nuova Fonit Cetra) LP

1993: City Images, Inner City Adventure – Andrea Marcelli (Flippermusic/Primrose)PRCD 068 – Exciting up tempo-sophisticated melodies-aggressive electric jazz.

1994: Themes Collection I – Andrea Marcelli & Various Artists Flippermusic/Primrose)PRCD 070 – A Time for Drama-Thrilling-Horror dream

1995: The Primrose Music Bank – Andrea Marcelli & Various Artists Flippermusic/Primrose) PRCD 080 – Jingles.

1996: Brazilian Colors – Andrea Marcelli Flippermusic/Primrose) PRCD 086 Sparkling & attractive Samba-Jazz, featuring soloists & vocals, exotic & spicy rhythms – romantic and colorful themes.

1998: Sacred Moments Various Artists (Flippermusic/Primrose) PRCD 121

2023: Abstract Percussionism / Flipper srl – PRCD 288


As side-man

1990 It’s not goodnight – Sid Jacobs – guitar trio (Rananah Records) with Dave Carpenter – bass, Andrea Marcelli – dr, Not released

1991 Film “Mississippi Masala” – L.Subramaniam (Columbia Tristar) soundtrack, drummer and programming, with Andy Summers, Freddie Ravel, Nyle Steiner, Emil Richards a.o.

1994 Etruschi (Sysin) composed the Soundtrack for CD-ROM interactive programme

1995 El suegno del navegante – Chema Vilchez – gtr, comp (Mirlo Music, Spain) Producer/drummer, Eric Marienthal – sax, Alphonso Johnson – bass, John Beasley – p, Steve Hunt – p, Gary Willis – b, Steve Tavaglione – sax.

1997 The Zone Various Artist, Including Andrea Marcelli “Amar na Areia”

1997 Fabrizio Sotti/George Garzone/Steve La Spina/Andrea Marcelli – not released

1998 Blue Moves (Lipstick Rec. (Various Artists incl.: Adam Holdzman & Metro)

1998 La naturaleza Sagrada de la Vida, Chema Vilchez (Antar) Co/producer, with Dave Weckl, Alex Acuna, Richard Bona, Walt Fowler, John Patitucci.

1999 Ola Forsell quartet – not released – with Billy Drews and Ed Schuller

1999 Four Trees – Fabrizio Mandolini/Paolo Russo with Klavs Hovman – Rytmiskkonservatorium / Copenhagen

2000 Hermitage Collection exhibition at the Quirinale, Rome. Composer for part of the documentary’s sountrack.

2000 Twilight Reflections – Fabrizio Mandolini, Paolo Russo, Sissel Vera Pettersen, Rytmiskkonservatorium / Copenhagen. Drummer and programming

2001 Their eyes, their smiles – Marco Carilli (Splasc(h) Rec. World series). Featuring: Bob Mintzer – sax, David Friedman – vibes, Eddie Gomez – b, Andrea Marcelli – dr, prod

2002 Markus/Hakala/Mandolini/Roupe/Marcelli – Rytmiskkonservatorium Copenhagen, drummer/producer

2002 Good Bye Lenin – Wolfgang Becker (X Filme) soundtrack, drummer, with Antonello Marafioti trio

2003 Carlo Morena qrt with Arild Andersen – b, Bob Mintzer – sax, Andrea Marcelli – dr  TBR

2003 Christmas Magic – Christoph Schobesberger with Micha Götz,Scott White

2004 Alchemy – Paolo Russo (Splasc(h) Rec.World series) Paolo Russo – p, bandoneon, Bo Stief – b, Fabrizio Mandolini – sax, Andrea Marcelli – dr

2004 Smellodie – Valentin Gregor (Anjoke) with Ekkehard Wölk and Martin Lillich

2004 La Spiga – Fabrizio Mandolini (Dodicilune D.) with Palle Danielsson -b, Bjarne Roupe – gtr, Paolo Russo – p, Andrea Marcelli – dr.

2004 Songs, Chorals and Dances;Ekkehard Wölk trio w/ Johannes Fink Nabel Records

2005 nonDuality- Markus Stockhausen & Simon Stockhausen (Aktivraum)w/ Tara Bouman

2005 Utenos Drum Party; for Tigris Agency in Lithuania, including Marcelli tune Tropical Dance.

2005 Ekkehard Wölk quintet “Desire for Spring” Splasch Records

2005 Tobias Relenberg/Patrick Farrand quartet “Distance to the Light”

2006 Ekkehard Wölk ensemble”Homage to Nino Rota” Splasch Records

2007 Greg Burk quartet “Berlin Bright” Soul Note with Greg Burk – p, Ignaz Dinne – sax, Jonathan Robinson – b, Andrea Marcelli – dr

2008 Andreas Markus + Thomas Clausen 3AM trio – Copenhagen/Gateway Music

2009 Jean Pierre Frohely trio – Tribute to Attila Zoller (To be released) 

2009 Guilherme Vergueiro Intemporal/Timeless Vol. II Brazil (Live at the Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles in 1994) Teco Cardoso – fl, Guilherme Vergueiro – p, Jose Marino – b, Meianoite – perc, Andrea Marcelli – dr

2009 Riccardo Manzi – Humus Romanesco

2011 Ekkehard Wölk trio – The Berlin Album (Jazzwerkstatt) with J.Fink

2013 The Diplomatic Quartett with JP Froehly, Hendrik Meurkens (German Foreign Office)

2014 Olof Lovmo trio, “Wood Songs” (KKV, Norway) with Robin Draganic

2015 Filippo Cosentino – “L’astronauta” with Antonio Zambrini and Jesper Bodilsen (Emme Rec.)

2018 Filippo Cosentino – “Andromeda”, Nau Records with Wölk and Fink

2017 Ekkehard Wölk Ensemble – “Another kind of faith” (Lutheriana in Music)- Nabel Records with Tobias Relenberg

2019 Martina Gebhardt – “Coming Home for Winter” Laika Records

2019 Arik Strauss Trio – “Closing the Circle” with Jonathan Robinson

2020 Ulla Haesen “Prendila Cosi” Genuit Musik: Lula Galvao, Ivo Guedes, Lorenzo & Francesco Petrocca, Gabriel Perez, Kiko Freitas, A. Marcelli

2020/01 Ekkehard Wölk Trio + guests – “Pictures in Sounds” (CD and LP) Nabel Records, feat.: Walter Gauchel, Lars Gühlcke, Kristoff Becker

2021 Denis Krupin “Path To Light” dedicated to Lyle Mays from Russia featuring Bob Minzer – sax and Jerry Goodman – violin

2021 Joe Kucera “Take a Heart”MP Records with Carmelo Leotta, Carly Quiroz

2022 Christophe Bourdoiseau „Migrant“ with Gerald Meier, Bettina Pohl and Trio Scho.

2022 Recording new album of Tilman Denecke trio with Robin Draganic

2023 Alexander Folonari “Silent Delight” on the album “Walk Sister”