Drummer/Composer/Clarinetist/Producer Andrea Marcelli was born in Rome and resides in Berlin since 2001. He lived in Los Angeles from ’89 to ’97 and then in New York until 2001. He has successfully performed extensively on 5 continents. Over 200 of his compositions have been recorded and two of them are included in “The European Real Book” and “The Digital Real Book part two” by Shermusic.

  • Wayne Shorter wrote: Andrea Marcelli’s music is vibrant and thought-provoking as today’s events. Andrea is such a chameleon. When I first heard his music, it struck me that he played drums, clarinet, percussion, keyboards, and composed in a variety of styles that defied classification, moreover, his display of sensitivity and creative approach to the work produced.”
  • John Kelman (www.allaboutjazz.com) Marcelli’s compositions transcend simple melody, transporting the listener to places known and unknown,  eliciting hidden emotions… Beyond the Blue represents something of a quantum leap for Marcelli as a player, but more notably as a writer. There’s a maturity of concept, a clarity of vision, that makes Beyond the Blue something of a watershed for Marcelli….
  • Allan Holdsworth interview on “Chitarre”: “Andrea is dedicate and passionate, I like that in a musician.  I liked very much Andrea   as musician and composer and I liked his musical projects.” –

–“Simply stunning.” (Silent Will) – Bill Milkowski (Guitar World choice for New Release, April 1992)

— Los Angeles Times: interview January 23, 1997 by Zan Stewart
to Don Menza “Andrea Marcelli, say the saxophonist, plays nice
and light, and with lots of imagination.” Concert at Chadney’s in Los Angeles.
— Chris Hoard (Jazziz – The art of drumming)”Among the notables of a musical generation adept to acoustic technique and electronic innovation are Max Roach, Bill Bruford, Chad Wackerman and Andrea Marcelli”. 

— Owen Cordles (Jazz Times)”The themes and instrumental colors seem made for each other, more like painting  than a string of jazz solos.” 

— Mario Luzzi (Rockstar)”Made in Italy” emerges also in the field of Jazz. Silent Will is the proof.  A music   thick of colors tenuous and aggressive following a logic of voyages elegant and  intense, sophisticated and solid, sparkling and deep.  Marcelli is a sort of young  Missoni of Jazz, he is able to immerse the compositive texture in a multitude of colors blended wonderfully each other creating harmonious drawings.  A superb work produced with care and intelligence. “Made in Italy” emerges not only in the  fashion’s field.” 

— “This ambitious project is first-rate ***1/2” – Robin Tolleson (Down Beat)

— “Hats off to determination and talent. “Ken Micallef(Modern Drummer)

Josef Woodard (jazziz) “What gives the album more than just peculiar interest as a meeting of the mighty  is Marcelli’s solid writing.  Therein li es the moral of the story: what the jazz world needs now is more solid writing. Players will follow.” 

— “The only Italian musician in decades of Jazz who has been able to break our isolation and be successful in America as well.” –   Gianfranco Salvatore (Fare Musica)

— Bill Kohlhaase (L.A. Times Weekly) Max Roach, Andrea Marcelli – Jazz Pick of the week “Drums and drummers: explore the once-and-future this week,… Marcelli who seems to have learned from the Roach approach to polyrhythmic textures… the title track, thick with nearly lyrical tom-tom and cymbal color.”

— Mal Sands (L.A.Jazz Scene)”Drummer Andrea Marcelli has created a unique and inventive product in his CD intitled Oneness.  The most fascinating and unusual song on the CD is “The Dance of the Soul” which is a showcase for the leader’s skill andability on clarinet.        Marcelli is an extremely sensitive and lyrical woodwind player who utilizes the instrument to its maximum potential.”

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